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Tackle Football

Our Tackle Football Program

Town & Country offers tackle football for youths ages 5-12 years old, as of July 31st.  T&C has one of the largest tackle football programs in Central Texas.  The T&C teams participate in the Central Texas Youth Football League (CTYFL).  The league is made up of teams from all across Central Texas, giving the players an opportunity to play different teams each week.  
The CTYFL league plays by the NCAA football rules with some slight modifications.  Youths of all sizes and weights are welcome to play in this league – there is no need to diet or “cut weight” like some leagues.
We have teams for all ages.  There are Pee-Wee teams for 5-6 year olds(75lb weight limit), Rookie teams for 7-8 year olds, Junior teams for 9-10 years old, and Senior teams for 11-12 years old.  To learn more about the rules and frequently asked questions, please scroll down further.
The goal of the T&C tackle teams is to create a fun, exciting environment for the players.  We look for them to:

  • Having fun with friends
  • Playing a sport they may already have a passion for today
  • Enjoy the team camaraderie
  • Play for coaches they really like and they can learn from
  • Learn and enjoy playing a team sport

Our Coaching Philosophy
T&C structures its program to maximize the fun and experience for all of our athletes, and maintain a safe environment.  The T&C tackle teams are coached by volunteers who have years of experience in coaching football and other sports.  As coaches, they are trained and certified by T&C and CTYFL.   The coaches are also trained in handling injuries that might occur on the practice field or in games.
T&C will even provide all the equipment your youth would need to play tackle for a modest cost.  Each player is individually fitted for the correct pads and helmet.  This helps ensures that your player will have the best possible equipment to protect them on the field.
A major focus for all our coaches and players is practicing and using the proper techniques at all positions.  Our coaching staff spends a great deal of time with the players, teaching them the correct way to block, tackling, running and catching the ball.  It’s these techniques that help bring more safety to our players on the field.
Above all else, Town & Country football strives to help our young players continue to grow into young adults, and help them enjoy the game of football.  

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