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Town & Country Football is one of the most established youth football programs in Central Texas.  For years, T&C football has been serving Central Texas youths and helping them become not just better players, but great people for our community. 
In addition to the thousands of youths that have played football at T&C, the organization boasts some of the best facilities and equipment around Central Texas for youth football.  It is one of the few organizations in Central Texas with its owned dedicated practice and game fields. 
Teaching the youth players is an experienced and talented set of coaches.  T&C football teams are led by coaching with experience in not only football, but coaching in many different sports throughout the year.  The coaching staffs are experienced in both the tackle and flag programs.  Our coaches are trained in the newest football coaching techniques, and all of them are trained in the latest safety techniques in football.
At T&C, there is an age division for everyone.  We have flag teams that range from 4-5 year olds up through 10-11 year olds. In tackle, we have divisions from 5-6 year olds up through 11-12 year olds.

T&C Flag Football picture

Your child will flourish and grow in this friendly, fun and safe environment.  They will learn so much about football, and will do it with new friends.  Become a part of one of the best football programs in Central Texas!
At Town & Country Football, your child will:

  • Be a part of the largest football program in central Texas for youths
  • Enjoy a great team atmosphere and camaraderie
  • Learn from coaches with years of experience
  • Have the opportunity to play flag or tackle football
  • Participate in an organization that has safety as its top priorities.

Become a part of a fantastic organization and family, and allow your child to grow and learn in this amazing environment!
CTYFL Notice:  “Registration for T&C football is open to all children, ages 4* – 12 for football (*4 yr olds may ONLY play Midget Flag).  Registration must remain open until August 28, 2015 and all who wish to register by this date must be accepted as long as they make required payments, provide required CTYFL documents and meet all other CTYFL eligibility requirements.  No try-outs will be held - all children who register for T&C football  will play.  Violations of this CTYFL policy will not be tolerated.  Please report any violation of this policy to the CTYFL Vice-President of Football (for football violations) at the email address below for immediate investigation and action: Football:
Town and Country Optimist Refund policy
There will be a 10% administrative fee deducted from all refund requests prior to the season start date. Please note that each sport has additional separate conditions regarding refunds and information can be found below. All refunds are subject to the decision of each sport association. Each sport has the right to reject a refund request. Please contact the sport director or president for refunds. No refunds will be given once the season starts. No refunds are given to decal orders. No refunds are given for late fees. No refunds given for team placement.
Football: In addition to the 10% admin fee, if you request to drop after team selection, there will be a 50% holdback. After the 1st scrimmage, no refunds will be given.