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    Town & Country Sports appreciates you! It’s our time to give back a little. Please join us on Sunday, December 13th from 3-5pm at the Pavilion near Field 20 for some light refreshments, activities and caroling by the McNeil High School's Musicale and Rhapsody Choirs.  Come find out about our Spring Sports offerings, snag a cookie or two, and maybe even win a free registration for a Spring Sport.  All are welcome, but please leave pets at home. Thank you to all our volunteers, participants and community members who continue to make our programs successful.
    We will see you on Sunday!
    The easiest lot to park in will be the North Lot off of Briarwick and Amberglen.

    Welcome to T&C's New Executive Director Evalyn Hodges!

    09/30/2015, 9:30am CDT
    By R Nester

    Town & Country Optimist Club is very pleased to announce that Evalyn Hodges will join us October 6th as our new Executive Director of Town & Country Sports.  
    Evalyn will have responsibility for the quality and safety of our campus, effective engagement and coordination with our volunteer-led sports associations, development of a welcoming, customer-focused culture, management of a high performance staff, and leadership in growing T&C Sports to serve more children and families. 
    Evalyn has more than 10 years experience working for a nonprofit organization, NW YMCA of Austin, focused on general fitness, group and personal training, and triathlon coaching.
    Evalyn played team sports from childhood through college and credits this experience with developing key character and personality strengths that continue to benefit her life. Evalyn is active in running, cycling, weight training, swimming and triathlon.

    Evalyn has a Bachelor of Arts in Business from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon and a Law Degree from The George Washington Law School in Washington, D.C.

    Evalyn and Ben have been married since 1986 and have lived in Austin since 2000. They have two children, Keith and Elise, who are attending the University of Texas at Dallas.

    Evalyn coached softball at Town and Country for three years when her daughter was younger.  Evalyn is excited to be part of Town and Country because she believes that physical activity and team sports truly enhance our lives and are an essential part of the development of our youth.  

    She is eager to meet everyone and listen to your ideas.  Please say hello if you see Evalyn on campus this fall.  We are truly excited to welcome Evalyn to the Town & Country team.

    Jim Ulmer Recognized for Outstanding Leadership

    09/17/2015, 9:30am CDT
    By K Cyree

    We are pleased to announce that Jim Ulmer has received the Town & Country Board of Directors Award for Outstanding Service.
    Jim is the current President of Softball and Vice-President of Football, heading the Flag program.  He has, for more than ten years, been involved in these programs as a parent, a coach, an umpire, a referee and an association leader.  
    For Jim, it has always been about serving the kids and the community.  He's been the first to volunteer, the first to get his hands dirty, and he's been the last to complain or draw attention to his own efforts.  Jim is the definition of a dedicated and humble volunteer.
    Jim's willingness to step in as President of Softball helped assure that T&C would have a softball program this season.  Like-wise, his dedication to Flag Football has kept this program running and positioned to have a great fall season for the kids.
    Jim's white truck is easy to spot in the T&C parking lot.  It's the one with the big magnetic T&C Sports sign on it, something Jim decided to do to promote T&C everywhere he goes.  
    Please join us in congratulating Jim for this well-deserved award.  

    A Note from the T&C President – From Then to Now

    09/04/2015, 3:30pm CDT
    By R Nester

    You might say it all started at Jim’s Restaurant.  Or you could say it started out of the back of a station wagon.  We know for sure it started in 1974 along a lightly traveled road called Research Boulevard.  That’s when Jim Archer, Wesley Roach and a handful of dads and moms with young families settling on the edges of Travis and Williamson counties decided to organize sports for their kids to play.  And so they did, starting an Optimist Club named because the area was not far from town, but still mostly in the country.

    They sold Christmas trees to raise the initial funds.  They borrowed an open field next to Research Boulevard, staked out two make-shift baseball fields, and held their first registration out of the back of a station wagon.  230 kids signed up to play baseball, and T&C Sports was off and running.  Softball started a short time later. 

    In 1977, twelve of the newly minted Optimists took personal financial risks in signing a promissory note to acquire 14 acres at Broadmeade and FM620, near today’s Forest North Elementary School.  The dads and moms (called Opti-Mrs.) did the labor themselves constructing the fields, holding registrations, coaching the teams and running concessions (Frito Pie was the big seller).  It was a pure and formidable volunteer army.

    In the new space, the first soccer goal was scored in 1977, and the first football touchdown in 1981. 

    In 1984, the Optimists sold the original 14 acres for $700,700, and with the proceeds acquired the first 40 acres of our current 90+ acres and 30 fields.  Just this year, new homes filled in the last open spaces on our northern and eastern borders, making T&C fully bounded by residential neighbors. 

    Today’s T&C serves more than 8,000 kids every year, and more than 200,000 folks pass through our gates annually.  Volunteerism is alive and well, with almost 1,000 adults helping each year to coach the kids and organize our 7 sports leagues.  If you are reading this and you are one of these wonderful people, THANK YOU!

    We have expanded in other ways too, with camps, tournaments, sponsors, and key relationships such as with Lonestar Soccer Club, a premier select soccer program. T&C families have the widest choice available with both T&C’s soccer program and Lonestar playing at our campus.

    With all of the growth, we’ve added professional help to coordinate programs and to maintain safe and high quality facilities.  We are extremely fortunate to have two great people I want to especially highlight – Kim Cyree and Eddy Cortez. 

    Kim is our Office Manager and the one who talks and emails with thousands of parents and volunteers each season.  She is a stellar organizer and likes nothing better than helping kids and parents have a great experience.  She’s a mom of 3 daughters and has done a little T&C coaching herself. 

    Eddy is our Maintenance Director and Grounds-keeper.  He’s been with us for 15 years and knows every inch of T&C’s acreage.   Thanks to his expertise, he oversees some of the best playing fields in Austin. 

    If you see Kim or Eddy on campus please say hello.  They love to meet our T&C families and volunteers.

    My hope is that every player and parent has a wonderful time this fall season.  Please let us know your ideas as we keep working to become ‘Austin’s Best Place for Youth Sports.’


    Rob Nester


    Town & Country Optimist Club

    2015 Fall Football Registration is Closed!


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